Pirates Gold Deluxe is a classic video slots game offering players numerous rewarding winning combinations and bonus games. It was designed and developed by Net Entertainment (NetEnt).

The game offers players five reels, three rows, and nine pay lines to play on. It is a modern game with a very classic design, harking back to a classic pirate theme.

The coin value is set at ten coins, and the max bet option lies at ninety coins, if players choose to activate all of the nine pay lines available.

The Pirate and Adventure Theme

The theme of the Net Entertainment Pirates Gold Deluxe video slots game, as its name might suggest, focuses on the wold of adventure and pirates.

The background and reel design of the game mirror this pirate theme. The reels are depicted in a wooden casing, above which lie the game’s logo and a pirate.

The symbols of the Pirates Gold Deluxe video slots game also depict the theme, and players will encounter classic pirate icons such as cannons, shells, ships, swords, parrots, pirates, rings, jewels, and a skull and crossbones icon.

The symbols of the game are not animated, but they will flash every time players land a winning combination.

The Enemy Ship Bonus Game

The Pirates Gold Deluxe video slots game offers players two rewarding bonus games. The Enemy Ship bonus game is one of them.

When players land three or more pirate symbols on an active pay line, the Enemy Ship bonus game will be automatically triggered. Here, players will be presented with an enemy ship, and their goal is to fire at it and sink it. In the middle of the playing screen, players will see their weapon of choice, an old-school cannon. They can control this cannon by the use of three buttons underneath the cannon, two depicting arrows that allow players to move the cannon, and one marked with a skull to fire the cannon. The ship will move across the field and players will have to aim for it and fire the cannonball.

During this bonus round, players can win ten, fifty, or one hundred times their original bet. If they manage to hit the enemy ship containing the golden key, players will automatically be taken to the Pirates Gold Deluxe second top rated slots game.

Help the Parrot Bonus Game

The second bonus game in the Pirates Gold Deluxe video slots game is the Help the Parrot bonus game. In this bonus game, players will have to help the game’s parrots open one of the five depicted treasure chests. Again, players will encounter three buttons to help them maneuver around. Two of these buttons contain arrows, which will allow players to select the treasure chest they wish to open. The third button depicts a key, and clicking on this one will open the treasure chest.

During the Help the Parrot bonus game, players can win one hundred, two hundred, five hundred, or one thousand times their total bet.