Pai Gow Poker Described

Pai Gow Poker is based on the original domino game by the same name, which is played with Chinese dominoes. The original game consists of a set of dominoes containing all pairs of numbers, ranging from 1-1 to 6-6.  There are 32 tiles in total.  Each player receives 4 dominoes, and fashions them into 2 pairs.  The dealer does the same.  If both the pairs outrank the dealer’s pairs, the player wins.  If only one does, the game is a draw, and if neither does, the player loses to the dealer.

Pai Gow Poker was adapted from the original game, and is played by up to 7 players.   A deck of playing cards is used, instead of dominoes.  One Joker is included in the deck of cards, and acts as a wild card, able to substitute for an Ace card, or to complete a flush, a straight or a straight flush combination.

Pai Gow Poker Online

Slot games are played by millions of players each day.  Some players prefer the solitude of the slot machine, as opposed to having to interact with fellow players at a casino table.  Others enjoy slot games because they have been around for such a long time.  Most of us are familiar with fruit machines.

A large number of players enjoy both table games and slot games.  An even larger percentage of the overall player base enjoys playing online from the comfort of their homes.

Pai Gow Poker may not be a traditional poker game, but it also offers the same fast paced action and entertainment as a slot. It brings the traditional casino table card game into the player’s home.

The online game features the casino table and the deck of cards, as they would appear in a land-based casino.  Interaction with the game is very similar to what interaction with the dealer would be like at the local casino down the road.

Like blackjack at, Pai Gow Poker can be played for real money, by placing real bets, or for free.

Casino Pai Gow Poker Rules

Pai Gow Poker Rules

Basic rules of Poker apply.

Seven cards are dealt to each player.  The player must then split the cards into two sets of cards – one hand of 5 cards, and one containing 2 cards.

The rules apply to the hand with 5 cards, and regarding the hand of 2 cards, any pair beats any two cards not matching.  This is the only rule governing the hand with the 2 cards.

The outcome of the game is had by comparing the player’s hand of 5 cards to the dealer’s hand of 5 cards, and the player’s hand of 2 cards to the dealer’s hand of 2 cards.

Payouts are determined as follows:

If the player wins both hands, the dealer must match the bet placed by the player, and pay this amount to the player.

If the dealer wins one hand and the player the other, it is called a “Push”.  No money changes hands, i.e. no one wins and no one loses.

If the dealer wins both hands, he also wins the player’s bet.  The player loses his bet to the dealer.