Free Spins iPhone Casino

There is still a raging debate between various groups of dedicated fan bases as to whether Android or Apple operating systems are better. And, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. Both operating systems have their pros and cons, neither of which can be said to objectively out weight the other. In terms of applications offered, there is no question that Android has much greater third party support, since there are fewer restrictions in the Android world.

As a result there are hundreds, if not thousands of applications to select from. In terms of casino game applications, Android has an offering amount that is many times greater then Apple, although not all the applications will run flawlessly on all models of phones. Recently, however, Apple has seen an increase in approved free spins iPhone casino applications, which are not only guaranteed to run on approved Apple devices, but are also often better in overall design.

Apple Approved Casino Game Applications

In order for an application to be approved for the Apple iStore, it must abide to a number of strict regulations. Apple does not allow applications to be offered to iPhone users that are not stable, reliable, one hundred percent safe, and completely transparent. This is indeed good news for iPhone users, especially those looking to take advantage of the new free spins iPhone casino applications. Android, on the other hand, does not have nearly as strict regulations, and as a result Android users often experience instability with their applications.

It is not uncommon, for example, for an application on an Android device to crash repeatedly.

Why is this? Normally due to a device running out of memory when attempting to run a program. Since there are many models of Android phone, some of which have more memory then others, attempting to design an application is exceptionally difficult. How much memory will the device this application is going to run on have? Android will, however, always have a bigger selection to choose from.

Free Spins iPhone Casino Security Regulations

When an Apple user is dealing with a free spins iPhone casino, one of the main thoughts on their mind may be as to whether the application being used is secure. This is one area Apple has a major advantage over Android. Apple has strict security regulations imposed on every application, particularly casino applications.

Developers are required to abide by these security protocols, which are virtually impenetrable, giving Apple users one hundred percent security. That’s not to say that Android will allow any old casino like online casino Ghana to offer an application via Google Play Store, and security regulations are likewise certainly implemented. It is simply a matter of there being so many more applications on the Google Play store, which makes keeping track of security trickier. Of course, any security breaching application wouldn’t last long and would almost certainly be removed in a matter of hours, if not minutes. The bottom line is that both Android and Apple are offering a number of great online casino applications, and the user is the real winner, regardless of which operating system they prefer.