An Overview Of Big Bang Touch Slots

In the world of online slots games and online sports betting Australia, there are plenty of games with themes based in outer space. Big Band Touch, developed by NetEnt, is one such game. Available to players in the USA, this game affords its players the opportunity to venture to all corners of the universe without even leaving the comfort of their computers or mobile devices. It is fairly easy to understand and provides the same sense of excitement, intrigue and possibility that has made online slots games as popular as they are over the years. Below, you will find a brief overview of Big Bang Touch.

How To Play

First and foremost, it is important to note that the graphics and overall production value of this game is of an incredibly high quality. This means that all in all, the game and all of its icons and symbols are very clear and easy to figure out. Furthermore, this works just as well with the futuristic theme of the game, and translates well across all platforms, regardless of whether you are playing from your mobile phone, computer or tablet device. It loads easily, regardless of which device you have elected to play from.

The Basics

Big Bang Touch has five reels and 25 paylines. Each payline has to be played in every spin. Players are free to adjust their coin values to suit their needs. Ranging from a minimum of $0.01 to $0.50, as long as all paylines are played, the slots will spin. In order to secure a winning combination in these spins, players need to spin a set of matching icons, beginning from the very first reel onwards. These icons are represented either by planets or by standard playing card symbols, such as aces, kings and queens.

Extra Features

Big Bang Touch is a little bit thin on extra features when compared to that of other games available to players in the USA. However, when it comes to the features it does offer, the game does give players the chance to reap very generous rewards. While free spins and scatters may not be options during Big Bang Touch, a multiplier of up to 32 times can be enjoyed in the game’s bonus round. When winning combinations are spun, the player will move up the multiplier ladder on the side of the screen. The more combinations you create, the higher up the ladder you can climb, and the higher up the ladder you get, the higher the multiplications are.

Big Bang Touch has a combination of factors that work together to bring players every aspect of online slots games that have made them so popular over the years. And while this particular game may not offer all too much in terms of extra features, it still delivers a decent amount of entertainment and enthrallment to players of all levels, whether they be beginners or seasoned players. This game can also be played on both computers and mobile devices, making it a convenient option as well.