Each unique character represented a class of British society. The characters were generally involved in slapstick moments of bizarre comedy, but the show still drew criticism from some who claimed Lucas was encouraging British stereotypes.

Little Britain was a popular British radio show, and later television series, most well known for featuring multiple characters played by one actor, namely Matt Lucas. The show made satirical fun of popular British culture, with each of the main characters being played by Matt Lucas.

The television series ran for three seasons on BBC and was shown in a number of other countries, although not being so well received by viewers beyond the borders of the United Kingdom. Based on the popularity of the series, there were a number of spin off products, including a Little Britain video game and slot game. The slot game is still available to play online and on mobile phone.

Bonus Features

The bonus feature of the Little Britain slot game is where the most advantage is taken of the popular characters from the television show. If a player landed a bonus sequence, recognisable as an arm on a wheel, a mini-game would open in a second window.

In this window the player is required to spin a wheel, with the five main characters around the border. The character chosen upon the wheel stopping would decide the bonus game the player was allowed to compete in. The bonus games included a number of free spins, selecting objects to reveal prizes beneath, and other such classic slot game features. Once the bonus game was finished and the prize money collected, the player was retuned to the slot machine game to try again. More information is available about the Little Britain television series and slot game via an online search engine.

The game is still available to play, and has a free version available on many websites, allowing players to learn the rules before committing real money. Don’t forget to create an active account and have funds available if wanting to play for real money.

Slot Game

The Little Britain slot game is a standard five reel, thirty betting line system, with symbols based around the television show and its main characters. As with all slot games, the player is required to place a starting bet, decide on the number of lines they wish to bet on, then spin the reels in hopes of making matching sequences.

Each of the characters has a value attached, which is paid out should the symbols be landed. The most valuable symbols are the characters Lou and Andy, he most popular characters in the television show.

Their symbol will match a maximum of five times to give a good payout. The least valuable symbols are playing card numbers, ten, jack, queen, king, and ace, which give low payouts even if matching five times. In all other aspects the game follows the rules of a standard slot game, other then the narration voice, which speaks over the game during the introduction sequence, and in the options menu.