The play system of the game is five reels with twenty five play lines, with adjustments possible by the player to work towards a betting strategy. Magic Boxes is available to play on desktop, mobile phone and tablet. If wanting to play the game on desktop please first ensure that the required Flash software is installed, and then simply open the game in a web browser. The game should load automatically, after which the game will open. No permanent download is required if playing the game in this fashion. If playing on mobile phone or table, please download the game from Google Play Store or Apple iStore and tap the game’s icon to start playing. Note that free play and real play are available with this game.

Magic Boxes, created by Microgaming, is an online slot game. It features a colourful theme based around magical objects used by stage magicians, and brings the theme to life with varying degrees of success. The graphics, although suitably moody and mysterious, do not live up to the detail of some other modern slot games. The soundtrack however, and ambient sound effects, are top notch, and do a great job of making the player feel as if they are attending a real life magic show.

Symbol Values And Special Symbols

The standard symbols in the Magic Boxes game include the traditional playing cards, including ten, jack, queen, king, and ace, which have the lowest value in the game, as well as a magic cylinder, a coloured vortex, a wooden train, plus the oracle ball and the coloured boxes. The coloured magic boxes are wild symbols, and will match with all other symbols to create matching sequences. The real earner, however, is the oracle ball, which is this games scatter symbol. I

f matching the oracle ball with itself five times, the payout is an astronomical amount with mobile pokies for real money, ten million coins, which is much higher the most similar slot games. Free spins will also be granted, which may gather even more cash. The oracle ball may match four, three, and two times, with smaller payouts and less free spins awarded.

How To Play

Magic Boxes works via the expected formula of most slot games. First, the player should decide how many lines they would like to bet on, one to twenty five. This can be adjusted with the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the screen. It is important to keep in mind that the more bet lines that have been opened, the greater the chance of betting sequences being created, but the higher the upfront bet required. It wise, therefore, to manually raise and lower the betting lines as the game progresses for best results.

Once the bet lines have been decided, the player may spin the reels. Upon the reels stopping matching sequence will automatically be marked and payouts made, based on the value of the icons in the sequence. If any special feature symbols are landed, the bonus amounts will be paid out. The bet lines may now again be changed, and the reels spun. This process may continue for as long as the player desires.