Merry Christmas is an online slot game created by Multislot studios. As the name suggests, it is based around a holiday season atmosphere, brought to life by lovingly created 3D symbols. The sound and music also have a Christmas theme, but are perhaps not as well implemented as the graphics themselves. The game uses a standard five reel, twenty five line play system, with the player able to adjust the number of lines they wish to bet on. There are bonus features, but these are a standard affair and not interesting.

The real draw of the game is by far the graphics, which, from the animated snow to amazing snow globe spin button, can whisk a person away to Christmas time, even if it happens to be July. Merry Christmas is available to play on desktop, mobile phone and tablet. To learn more about the game’s rules, the value of its play symbols, and the play lines, please click the payouts button on the user interface. More information is always available form the customer support centre of the website where the game is being played.

Bonus Special Features

To really rake in the money in the Merry Christmas game, the player should keep their eye out for the present icon. This icon is known as the scatter symbol, and can match with itself while in any position on the reels. If matching the minimum of three times a modest eight free spins will be given to the player. If matching four times fifteen spins will be ranted, and five times gives an impressive thirty free spins. When awarded, these free spins will play out automatically, with winnings gathering and paid out at the end of the sequence.

Note that more free spins may not be gathered during a free spins sequence, and scatter symbol matches will be ignored. Once the free spins have played out, and money has been awarded, the game will return the player to the slot machine game. As would be expected, the player should aim to get as many free spin wins as possible. Remember to have funds available in the active account if wanting to play for real money.

Basic Play Symbols

As already stated, the symbols in Merry Christmas are outstanding in visual design for any slot featured at no deposit Microgaming casinos. Father Christmas is the most valuable standard symbol in the game, and will payout a whopping ten thousand coins if matched with himself the maximum of five times. Watch him animate delightfully upon being landed in a sequence. The least valuable symbols in the game are the candy cane style playing card numbers, including jack, queen, king and ace.

These will payout only a small amount, but are very common in the play area. Some of the other symbols are a set of bells, a Christmas stocking, a Christmas tree, and a snowman. Note that the father Christmas symbol also acts as a wild card, and will match with other symbols to create matching sequences as a substitute. This is a highly useful addition to the game, and the best way to get matching sequences with regularity.