Mobile Sports Betting Shakes Up the Industry

Recent years have seen a surge in sports betting due to how easy it has become with the Internet. Now, something has arrived to make it even easier: mobile betting sites. People are performing more and more activities on mobile devices instead of PCs, so it’s no wonder the speed at which mobile betting has grown.This can take place through free apps which you download to your smartphone or tablet, or simply by accessing the online bookmaker on your mobile device. Now you can place a bet whenever and wherever you are.

Strength To Strength

In most countries, mobile betting has already eclipsed traditional online betting. For example, in the UK, 70% of remote betting (betting that does not occur in a physical shop) occurs on mobile devices. Almost anywhere legal betting occurs, mobile betting is growing from strength to strength. It is no longer an ‘about-to-happen’ situation: sports betting has gone mobile. But what has that meant for the industry as a whole?

Mobile Vs Online

Mobile sports betting and online sports betting are not massively different. The only real difference is the device you use, and with mobile betting usually this involves downloading an app rather than visiting a website. But otherwise, the experience is the same. Even the sites you use are the same: most online bookmakers have mobile versions of their websites, or apps. Of course, mobile betting is a lot more convenient than traditional online betting, which is why more and more people are doing it. As mobile betting is a form of online betting, it has only meant good things for the online betting industry.

Online Vs Other

It is not only mobile betting, but online betting in general that has changed the game of sports betting. Telephone betting is a thing of the past: you’d be hard pressed to find a betting call center today. Even in person betting is not as popular as it once was. However, online betting hasn’t caused the great decline in in person betting that it was expected to – many people still like to bet at physical betting shops.

Live Betting

Online betting made live betting possible, where you can place wagers during a game or event. This massively increases the excitement to be had while watching a game. And mobile betting has made live betting much easier, as you don’t have to be by your computer to do it. If you’re watching at a friend’s house, and you want to bet on who will score next, simply whip out your smartphone.

The Future

At this, point, the popularity of mobile betting is still growing at an incredible rate. And with this growth, we can expect more innovations. It is possible that in the near future mobile betting and mobile gaming will merge slightly. Elements of mobile gaming, such as Candy Crush and Pokemon Go, may soon become a part of the mobile betting experience. What that will look like remains to be seen.