The Most Popular Sports in Canada

Sport in Canada is a major part of the country’s cultural heritage and a wide variety of games are popular amongst participants, spectators and punters alike. The most popular sports are ice hockey, lacrosse, football, soccer, basketball, curling and baseball, and thanks to the country’s rich sporting heritage, there are plenty of exciting sports betting opportunities to take up.

If you’re keen on getting started with sports betting and aim to develop a sports betting strategy it’s of utmost importance that you learn as much as possible about the sports you are interested in.

Official Summer Sport: Lacrosse

Lacrosse, which has indigenous origins, is Canada’s oldest sport and the official summer sport of the nation. The First Nations first started playing Lacrosse over 500 years ago, and currently tens of thousands of people play the sport across Canada and the North Eastern United States. The Canadian Lacrosse Association was established in 1925 and conducts national junior and senior level championship tournaments for men and women in both field and box lacrosse.

With a wide variety of tournaments taking place throughout the year, punters in Canada enjoy a fantastic variety of wagers on lacrosse sports betting and are able to access some of the best sports betting sites available.

Official Winter Sport: Ice Hockey

Ice hockey simply referred to as hockey in Canada, is the official winter sport of the nation, the most popular spectator sport, and the country’s most successful sport on the international competition level. The modern form of ice hockey as it is played today first appeared in the country in the late 19th century and is considered Canada’s national past-time. Seven of the thirty National Hockey League (NHL) teams are Canadian, and the Stanley Cup, which is considered the premier trophy for professional ice hockey, originated in Canada in 1893.

The Stanley Cup provides plenty of thrilling opportunities for sports betting, and thanks to the finest sports betting sites in the industry, punters in Canada are spoiled for choice.

Canadian Football

Canadian Football is the country’s second most popular spectator sport and is particularly popular in the Prairie Provinces. The Canadian Football League was established in 1958 in Quebec and is currently made up of 9 teams, which are divided into 2 divisions – the East Division, made up of 4 teams, and the West division which consists of 5 teams. The Grey Cup, which is the Canadian Football League’s annual championship, is one of the country’s largest annual sporting events and is incredibly popular amongst punters in the country.

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Best Sports Betting Sites for Canadian Sports

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