Guide To Horse Racing BetsĀ 

With horse racing events evenly spread throughout the calendar year, Kiwis have a host of possibility with various horse racing bets to lay wagers on and platforms to make use of in order to access entrance into a lucrative market.

Land Based Or Online

Land based establishments spread throughout New Zealand offer Kiwis the opportunity to stake various horse racing bets around the country.

The monopoly controlling all land based betting in New Zealand is geared towards improving the local betting infrastructure in the country, but does diversify its mix of markets by incorporating international disciplines.

The land-based outlets are somewhat limited and devoid of the same kind of competition that the online domain offers punters in New Zealand.

With residents enjoying full usage of any highly regarded online bookmaker, Kiwis have the opportunity to lay wagers on aggressive market related horse racing bets.

This allows for a good spread of horse racing bets and options that makes for an entertaining betting experience on multiple events.

Top Races In New Zealand

With world class racing pedigree right here at home, Kiwis enjoy a host of thoroughbred championships on an annual basis.

Popular races, which offer punters a selection of elite horse racing bets, include The Wellington Cup infused with The Thorndon Mile and the Auckland Cup, which plays host to the New Zealand Derby.

Both the Wellington Cup and the Auckland Cup are Premier thoroughbred horse racing attractions in New Zealand.

Punters seeking thrilling horse racing bets should consider a certain selection of bets that fits into personal style and research ability.

The Win Bet

The Win Bet allows you to place horse racing bets on a runner you think is most likely to win the race outright. These are the most common type of horse racing bets for new punters in quest of horse racing betting action.

Show Bets

Show horse racing bets afford punters with an even larger safety net. In Show bets, punters can place a wager on a specific horse to finish in first, second or third place.

These types of horse betting usually award low payouts due to the spread of possibility on a single wager.

Place Bets

Place bets allow for a slight safety net. Punters are able to place horse racing bets on a specific horse to finish first or second. Either placement will award a winning bet. Kiwis should be aware that these types of horse racing bets generally feature lower values odds than Win bets.

Bet All Bets

Punters from New Zealand will be eager to learn about combo straight wager horse racing bets. These types of bets allow you to bet on a win, place and show option in one single stake.

This means punters are making three different types of bets in one and therefore requires three times as many credits. Opting for this type of bet provides you with better winning chances; punters should remember that the winnings potential might be disappointing due to the cost of the bet.

The Two In One

Kiwis excited by the combo straight bet will be thrilled to learn of the Win/Place, Place/Show horse racing bets options.

These types of wagers are two horse racing bets in one. Punters opting for the Win/Place option will gather a prize if the horse selected Wins/ Places or both.

The Place/Show option will be awarded with a payout should the horse Place/Show or both. These types of horse racing bets require a double up on wager stake; yet have the potential to reward you with both winning bets.