The Highly Specific Cyberstud Poker Game

The game of poker is legendarily based on intuition and the confidence players have in their cards. Never has this been truer than for the game of Cyberstud Poker. Cyberstud Poker is an online poker game that is also part video poker game, very much like Caribbean Poker. Cyberstud Poker was developed by the major casino game development organisation Microgaming and is famously a high risk, action-filled form of the game.

Playing Cyberstud Poker

The first step in any video poker game on the best pokies app is to set the game play options to your personal requirements. This means selecting a coin size and placing the Ante bet. Then, the player will be dealt five cards and the dealer one. All cards are face-up. Based on this information alone, players need to decide whether to fold or call.

Folding means losing the ante and the end of the game. Calling means that a Call Bet, which is double the Ante is placed on the table. The dealer now receives four more cards, and his hand is compared to yours, and the winner determined.

Winning Hands and the Dealer

In Cyberstud Poker the dealer needs a hand of at least an Ace-King to qualify. If the dealer does not qualify, then irrespective of the two poker hands that have been dealt, players receive a 1-to-1 pay-out on their Ante, and their Call Bet is returned no gain or loss involved.

If the dealer qualifies, then beating the dealer is rewarded with a 1-to-1 pay-out on the Ante, plus a video poker pay-out that is based on the value of the Call Bet and the video poker-type pay table. The pay table starts with the Ace-King and one pair, both paying 1-to-1. Three of a Kind is 3-to-1, the Straight is 5-to-1, and the Flush 9-to-1. The top hand available is the Royal Flush, which pays out 999-to-1.

The last possibility in this brief, action-laden video poker and card game is that the dealer not only qualifies but wins the hand comparison too. In this event both the Ante and Call Bet are lost.

Game Strategy is Intriguing

Cyberstud Poker strategy is a true casino players’ dream. Players need to accept that they are not going to win every single game, and should be aiming to minimise the losses while maximising the wins. Knowing when to fold, and when to call is key. Although this is difficult based on only one card out of 5, players are reminded that the game is essentially a heads-up situation and therefore should always call on a pair or better, and always fold with less than an Ace-King. Carrying and Ace-King hand is risky, but should be called if another card in your hand is a Jack or a Queen, or if the dealers’ card matches one of yours, lowering the odds on a pair turning up.

Cyberstud Poker, as presented by Microgaming, does add an additional twist in that this game is associated with a progressive jackpot. These accumulative jackpots build up some major winning possibilities and this extra attraction, the possibility of landing a Royal Flush and winning a huge jackpot, is clearly a significant playing incentive.