TXS Hold’Em Pro Series is an online Texas Hold’em poker game developed and released by NetEnt. This is a great looking, professional Texas Holdem game that is available for real money wagering.

A unique element in this game is the ability for players to select their wagering style that they have budgeted for. There are three wager modes to choose from so that players can adjust the game to suit their particular play style.

TXS Holdem Pro Series Wager Limits

TXS Hold’Em Pro Series lets players select one of three wager modes to play in, low roller, standard and high roller. Each of these modes features a set minimum and maximum wager starting at 1 to 40 and topping out at 25 and 1000 for high rollers.

This essentially means that as you become better and more confident in your TXS Hold’Em Pro Series play skills, you can manually raise the risk of each game.

Playing TXS Hold’Em Pro Series

TXS Hold’Em Pro Series features a great player interface that makes game play simple to understand for new players and quick and professional fro seasoned poker players. The play area shows clearly designated flop, turn and river areas where the community cards are placed. There are three wager circles, clearly marked so you know when you can wager where.

The bottom of the screen displays your available chip sizes, your total cash, how much you are currently wagering and how much you have won. There is also an options section in the lower left corner where you can turn the in game sound on or off or you can adjust the play speed to make the cards deal faster or slower. At the top of the screen you will find a display showing the current table wager limits displayed.

TXS Hold’Em Pro Series

TXS Hold’Em Pro Series is a online poker game where you must face off against the dealer. You are not competing against other players so there isn’t as much strategy involved as standard poker games. You simply need to attain a higher hand than the dealer.

To do this, standard poker hands apply with the Royal Flush being the highest valued hand and a high pair being the lowest valued hand. Players have three opportunities to either raise their wager or call the bet.

TXS Hold’Em Pro Series

You start a game of TXS Hold’Em Pro Series by placing an Ante wager to initiate the game. The player and the dealer will now both receive two cards dealt to them. You can now either fold or place a double ante bet into the flop betting area clearly marked on the play field. Now three cards will be dealt to the area marked as the community card area on the board.

Now there are two more rounds of wagering or checking until the two more community cards are added with the fifth and final card resulting in a reveal of both players’ hands. The winner is determined and pay outs are made.