Vegas three card rummy is a game found mostly at internet casinos, and it is popular both on desktop and mobile devices. Mobile Vegas three card rummy is very popular, and it is enjoyed by players all over the world.

In general, mobile Vegas three card rummy is a variation of poker with rules rather similar to three card poker. However, the actual play of the game is very different, and players new to Mobile Vegas three card rummy need to become familiarised with these before attempting to play.

Getting Acquainted with the Game

Mobile Vegas three card rummy is played with a single fifty-two card deck, and cards are generally ranked at their traditional poker values, with face cards being valued at ten and number cards, that is, the royal cards, are taken at their face value. The only difference in the ranking of cards between general poker and mobile Vegas three card rummy is that the ace is always valued low. The object of the game is to have a lower hand and fewer points than the dealer.

The game of mobile Vegas three card rummy begins with the player making an initial ante bet. Both the player and the dealer then receive three cards. The dealer’s cards will always be dealt face down, while the player’s cards will be dealt face up.

After having looked at the cards in hand, the player has to decide whether to raise or fold. If the choice to fold is made, the player loses the ante bet. If the choice to raise is made, the player must make an additional bet that is equal to the initial bet.

The dealer will then turn over the relevant dealer cards, and must have twenty points or less in order to qualify. If the dealer qualifies, then the total hand values of the dealer and the player will be compared, and the one with the lower total will win.

The general poker winning patterns are slightly different, and any three of a kind, two-card suited run, or three-card suited run will count for zero points.

Strategies of Play

Avid players have developed strategies of play for most games, and mobile Vegas three card rummy is no different. The strategies developed for this game are all rather simple, and there are a few simple concepts for players to keep in mind.

For starters, it is always advisable to raise if holding a hand with value of twenty points or less, and to fold when holding a hand value of twenty-one points or over. This is because the dealer is unlikely to win if the hand value is already quite high, and so any decisions to raise or fold ought to be based on the current hand value. It is only then that luck might come in to play and players will win or lose.

In general, then, mobile Vegas three card rummy is an online casino card game with rules similar to poker, and yet with an entirely different aim and slightly different winning, ranking, and playing strategies. It is a simple game that may be enjoyed by a variety of players from all over the world, as long as they have access to a site.