Playtech’s Bermuda Triangle classic online slot is inspired by a region of the North Atlantic Ocean that has captivated scientists, journalists, lovers of the paranormal, and everyone in between for more than half a century.

In 1950, Florida’s Miami Herald published the very first report about strange disappearances near Bermuda. A second article appeared in Fate magazine in 1952, which reported on the alleged disappearance of a number of ships and planes, among which were five US Navy bombers on a training mission known as Flight 19. It was the second article that laid out the area also known as the Devil’s Triangle.

Famous Bermuda Triangle Mysteries

The boundaries of the infamous triangle took further shape in an article that appeared in a 1964 issue of Argosy magazine. The three points of the triangle were named as the Florida peninsula, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda.

Among the most famous Bermuda Triangle incidents, other than ill-fated Flight 19, include a disappearing, reappearing derelict ship encountered by the Ellen Austin in 1881; the 1918 disappearance of the USS Cyclops, a collier with a crew of 309, a manganese ore load, and one broken engine; the five-mast schooner Carroll A. Deering found abandoned in 1921, leaving no clue to the identity or whereabouts of the crew; a PBM Mariner search and rescue aircraft with a 13-man crew that was sent to look for Flight 19; the 1948 disappearance of the G-AHNP Star Tiger aircraft; the 1949 disappearance of the G-AGRE Star Ariel aircraft; the 1948 disappearance of a Douglas DC-3 aircraft with 32 people on board; the collision and disappearance of two US Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker planes; and the Connemara IV pleasure yacht that was found adrift and unmanned in 1955.

Various natural explanations to the disappearances and other strange activity that reportedly takes place within the triangle include human error, severe weather, methane hydrates also known as mud volcanoes, magnetic compass variations, and the fast-flowing Gulf Stream current.

Ships and Planes on the Reels

Software developers Playtech have taken the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and applied it to a classic online slot machine. The online real money pokies feature three reels, five paylines, themed reel symbols, and detailed graphics and sound effects.

The reels are set against a backdrop of a raging sea and dark skies from which shoots forked lightning. In one corner of the screen, a small aircraft evidently battles to make headway against the elements.

The five reel symbols include a small aircraft, a shark, an octopus, a dolphin, and, strangely, a Viking longboat. Winning combinations can be formed either by three of the same symbols, by a mix of plane and ship symbols, or by a mix of marine creature symbols.

Bermuda Triangle Basics

To play Bermuda Triangle online slots, players would first set the value of their coins using the Plus and Minus buttons, and then decide on how many coins to bet per spin.

Players can set their own number by clicking the Bet One button the required number of times, or they can click the Bet Max button to place the maximum bet. To spin the reels, players would select the Spin button.