Pokies are immensely popular with online casino players. They come in a range of shapes and sizes and this is probably why they are so commonly played. There is literally something for everybody when it comes to pokies.

Below is a list of the most common pokie types, but it should be noted that even within these 5 broad categories there are more sub divisions that can be added. Pokies are a rich source of real money casino fun.

They also benefit greatly from their simple rules and controls which makes them instantly playable on desktop as well as mobile touch screen devices for a comprehensive gaming experience no matter which way you play.

The Classic Games

Classic pokies feature instantly recognisable icons and symbols for anyone with even just a passing familiarity with casino gaming. The symbols used are classic casino iconography like the lucky 7’s, golden bells, the BAR symbols and more. Classic pokies are also known as fruit machines, a name they earned because of the various fruity symbols that featured on the original mechanical machine’s reels.

Classic pokies feature 3 reels and a single payline making it a simple, fuss free play experience. It also makes these pokies cheaper to play as you only need to wager on a single payline, meaning you can play with the Max Bet active more often.

There can occasionally be bonus games and free spins but generally classic slots only offer you a wild symbol as a bonus feature.

Online Video Pokies

Video Pokies is essentially a catch all term for the majority of online pokies. The term comes from digitals pokie games of the 80’s but they have evolved into modern day online pokies. Generally these feature 5 reels, free spins, bonus games, wild symbols and scatter symbols.

They really come in a variety of forms making an exact definition of what constitutes a video pokie tough. That said they offer unique themes for players to enjoy from movies to music to anything in popular culture.

They feature multiple paylines that range anywhere from 9 to 100. Some can even have over a 1000 ways to pay. Video Pokies are a favourite for many casino players because they offer colourful, fun and diverse game play.

Progressive Jackpot Pokies

Progressive Pokies are the big daddies of the online pokie world. These games can make lucky players instant millionaires.

Progressive Pokies feature a jackpot system where the total amount that can be won increases each time a player wins.

What makes these jackpots so massive is that all the pokies who are part of the progressive jackpot contribute on each and every win.

This means that an online casino player in Brazil, or India, or America will keep making the jackpot grow each time they win. This global jackpot network makes Progressive Pokies well worth your time.

Mega Spin Games

Mega Spin Pokies are technically a sub category but they are so unique that they deserve their own entry. These games are similar to multi-hand Poker or Blackjack games.

Players have multiple slot reels to play at the same time so that you maximise your chances to win on each spin.

Of course the catch is that you will need to wager enough on each spin to activate all of the available reels, but you will of course also increase your chance to win.