Online bingo has become incredibly popular in recent years and there are now an abundance of sites that welcome players from Canada and across the globe. A game that’s very social, bingo has taken this interactive element online and close knit communities are regularly formed, with some people becoming bingo buddies for life.

Chat rooms are a major feature at the best online bingo Canada sites and offer players the chance to connect with others, learn more about the game, encourage new members and participate in chat games. Chat bonuses and games are also a regular feature and players can benefit tremendously simply for interacting online with others and the Chat Host.

Interactive Bingo Online

Bingo has essentially developed its own language and there are several commonly used terms that players will need to familiarise themselves with in order to understand exactly what is going on. By understanding a few basic terms you’ll definitely benefit and be able to get the most out of your online bingo experience.

Bingo Room: This is where you’ll play bingo, and these virtual rooms are often themed or have a specific style that adds to the appeal of the game.

Bingo Card: The numbered card on which you daub off numbers as they are called.

Dauber: This is the pen with which you mark off the numbers on your card as they are called. Online bingo sites often make use of an auto dauber so the numbers are crossed off automatically, ensuring you never miss a call, especially when playing more than one card at a time.

Free Space: This term usually applies to 75 Ball bingo as the grid with 5×5 squares is used. The middle square is the one that is known as free space as it is already marked off, leaving 24 squares remaining.

Full House (FH): In 90 Ball bingo games there are 3 different chances to win. Players can claim a 1st line win, a 2nd line win and a full house. A full hose win is one that has a far greater prize pot than line 1 and 2 wins.

Coverall or Blackout: When you need 24 balls on a 75 Ball ticket in order to win the game.

Buy-in: This term refers to what you’ll need to pay in order to get into the game. Each ticket has its own price and there may also be a minimum buy-in of tickets per game.

Caller: The caller is the name given to the announcer who calls the balls as they are chosen.

Chat Room: The virtual space where you can chat to the Chat Host and your bingo roomies

Bingo Roomies: Essentially short for roommates, roomies are the other bingo players that you play with and interact with in the chat room.

Chat Host (CH): The person who keeps conversation going in the chat room. Usually very entertaining and amusing, the CH also controls behaviour and ensures everyone is friendly and interacts in a decent and appropriate manner. There may also be a Chat Host Manager (CHM) who maintains complete control.

Chat Game (CG): These games are run in the chat rooms and offer players the chance to win big or claim bonuses that are not available in any other way.

Now that you have a better understanding of what the most common bingo terms mean you can embark on an online adventure that’s sure to be hugely enjoyable and potentially very rewarding.