Casino High roller is a popular term used in many industries, and also often used in social situations. In terms of businesses and industries, a high roller will refer to a customer who is known to spend a great deal of money. This could be in a car dealership, where a high roller will be the customer who has their eye on the most expensive cars.  It also, however, may be used for a supplier of office equipment, where it refers to a customer known to purchase great deals of office equipment on a regular basis.

In social situations it will refer to a person who seems as if they have a great deal of money, wearing the best clothing and driving an expensive vehicle. The term originated, however, in the casino and gambling industries, where it referred to the customers who take part only in the casino games that have high betting limits. Many casinos have areas dedicated entirely to high bet limit tables, specifically catering only to what are known as the casino high rollers.

Special Treatment

Those who spend a lot of money in casinos are inevitably the ones who get the most special treatment. Casino high rollers are known to get free drinks, free accommodation, lines of credit, and much more. This, of course, is in the best interest of the casino, making sure that the customer returns to lose more and more money.

Plus, the special treatment will be based on how long the guest stays, how often they return, and how much they spend. This creates a situation where the person will wish to hold onto their special treatment, and so remain loyal to only a single casino, returning as often as possible. In some cases special VIP guests are known to even be bound by a contract with a casino, and may receive penalties if word gets out they ever visit another establishment.

Low Roller

On the other end of the spectrum, a guest at a casino who sticks to the low bet limits table may be referred to as a low roller. This is a person who never loses much, but then also never wins much. At least not enough that would make your average casino sit up and take notice. The trick is, of course, that a person sticking to low betting limits tables is in no way the worst gambler in the casino.

On the contrary, the best gamblers generally stick to low New Zealand online blackjack limits situations, allowing them to minimise losses. They may also win steadily, always leaving with full pockets, but the amount is considered low in the grand scheme of a casino. This likewise means that the high rollers are not always the best players, but rather only the ones who throw around the most money. A wise gambler who knows how to stay in the green will never tip into spending more money simply as a way to get free drinks or complimentary gifts. The two terms, therefore, are important only as a way for casinos to spot their most valuable players. Or, more accurately, the players who lose the largest sums of money.