Sometimes only competing against the House can lead to a very predictable online player experience, especially when contenders defer to a default mode of play. Tournaments, however, break this monotony.

By casinos introducing a cyber platform from which a pool of players can compete – and an additional prize for the player who reaches top of the leaderboard – you’re guaranteed to have an overhaul of either your favourite slot or game-table experience. You’ll find the experience more social, and incentivized with a competitive and racier edge.

With each tournament session timed, you’ll find the clock ticking you down in a race to see who will make the most points and reach the top of the leaderboard first. In slots, for example, you have to spin the wheels as quickly as humanly possible. If it’s you at the top of the leaderboard at the end of a session, you get to claim your tournament prize.

Tournament prizes come in the form of cash prizes, luxury vacations, exotic cars and tickets to VIP events.

Fast and furious high stakes playing is the nature of the tournament format, although some casinos do offer each player an equal chance, regardless of the stake amounts.

In rare cases some casinos have no entry-fee ask for a tournament. In this scenario, some casinos may ask you to make a deposit only after a pre-allotted time, or they may ask you to make a minimum stake per round.

Types Of Tournaments

High-roller tournaments generally award players points for every stake laid down. The greater the stake, the higher the point allocation. There are tournaments where, regardless of how much you stake, you’re awarded points based on your wins (as long as you at least meet the pre-requisite for the minimum stake amount). So, if you land three symbols in a row at slots, you’ll score higher points than if you won with a lower combination – regardless of how much money you wagered at the time.

To qualify for entry to such a tournament though, you’ll need to play a pre-determined number of rounds set by the casino. In slots these are known as tournament spins. The caveat is that while competing in a pre-qualifier, players cannot withdraw winnings. The drawcard is that tournament spins are free.

Steps To Take:

*To play in a tournament, be sure open an account with the casino hosting the game.

*If you don’t already have it, download the software required to run the tournament, or open it from your Browser if you already have it.

*Visit the tournament event you wish to partake in and be sure to register for player rights.

*Unless otherwise stipulated, make sure to follow the links provided to pay your entry fee.

*Input your tournament alias or nickname.

*Be at your station at least 15 minutes before kick-off to allow for a prompt start.

Remember in a high-roller tournament to always wage the maximum amount. This is because unused tournament credits do not roll over into your account.